Investment Discipline is the key to our success.

Protecting your capital while growing your wealth
Each of Sigma's products aims to protect your capital while growing your investment over time to improve your overall net wealth. As Sigma's investment team are also invested in the products they manage, you can be assured we are focused on delivering superior outcomes for clients over the medium to long term.
Sigma Select Equities  - Focused on Larger and Smaller Companies
The Sigma Select Equities Fund is our flagship offering providing exposure to a focused portfolio from the broader equity market (a universe of +250 companies) while also offering substantial downside protection through a flexible cash weighting (capped at 25%).
Sigma Emerging Companies - Focused on Smaller Companies
The Sigma Emerging Companies Fund is well suited to investors who want exposure to the smaller companies listed on the Australian Share market. The fund can hold up to 20% in cash. While expected to be more volatile than the Sigma Australian Share Fund, the substantially larger pool of new and emerging companies (circa 350+ companies) provides an opportunity to invest in unique up-and-coming investment prospects.
Sigma Australian Shares - Focused on Larger Companies
The Sigma Australian Shares Fund is well suited to investors who want exposure to the blue chip end of the Australian Share market. As a value manager focused on after tax outcomes, our portfolios tend to have fully franked dividend yields that are at least equal to (or better than) the market while protecting the downside.
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