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Welcome to Our Team

Our Investment Team has been together for over 8 years. We have a passion for value investing and delivering outcomes for clients while servicing our clients needs

Funds management is a people business and despite some of the apparent similarities in the investment approach of many fund management organisations, the widely different levels of performance outcomes and consistency, highlight the unique importance of people, the business environment in which they work and organisational structure.

So why hire Sigma as an Australian Equities Manager?

Some of the key attributes we believe differentiate Sigma:
  1. Experience, Depth and Diversity. We are strongly resourced with six founding partners that average 22 years of investment experience, with a minimum of 15 years at the individual level. 
  2. Genuine Partnership Business Philosophy. We control all aspects of our business. We are structured and managed as an investment partnership, providing the right environment and structure for a team of professionals to deliver sustainable top quartile performance and client service. 
  3. Disciplined and Effective Process Implementation. Our process is made more effective through the use of portfolio managers/analysts, peer review and collective portfolio responsibility.
  4. Long Term Sustainable Development. We have had the benefit of observing and taken the opportunity to improve on previous generations of fund managers. We are aware of capacity constraints and have no institutional imperative on size and funds under management targets. 
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