Our History

Our History

Since inception, Sigma has developed a reputation for rigorous quality standards and high performance

Sigma was founded in 2009 by the current investment team who previously worked together at a leading global investment manager. The Directors chose the name Sigma as a symbol of our approach to investing and the way we conduct ourselves as a business. Being structured as an investment partnership allows us to leverage the expertise of our fully aligned Large and Small Cap investment teams. Our flagship broad cap product, the Sigma Select Equities Fund, is unique to the Australian market as a consequence of this partnership approach. After striking early success with Sigma Select we partnered with Pinnacle Investment Management in 2011 to allow the investment team to focus on generating performance while all non-investment functions remained well supported.  

In April 2016 Azimut, Italy's leading independent asset manager, announced an investment management partnership with Sigma.  Azimut acquired a 51% stake in Sigma from Pinnacle and its Executive founders, with the latter retaining a 49% stake.
As Sigma grows our clients can be assured our focus will remain on protecting the downside while outperforming. As the investment team have their own capital invested in Sigma products we won't lose sight of the fact investment decisions we make will impact on your net wealth and lifestyle.
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