Our Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive Advantage.

Sigma has developed a reputation for rigorous fundamental analysis and disciplined execution

Our disciplined investment approach has been thoroughly tested and has not only succeeded, but exceeded market expectations. These results are a function of three main elements:
  • Our experienced people (22 years average experience);
  • Our rigorous fundamental analysis; and 
  • Our focus on products with long-term time horizons
Ongoing disciplined execution of our proprietary "Value: Risk Adjust" investment philosophy remains the key to our continuing success.
How We Invest

Our People

Sigma’s investment teams are well resourced, exhibiting strong depth and appropriate specialisation of individual skill sets. We have both large and small company investment capability that is strongly aligned philosophically and structurally. The philosophy of partnership consistently runs through all facets of our business model including the execution of our investment process, the structure of our investment teams, determining the strategic direction of the business, day to day operational management and the underlying structure of Sigma.
Our Team

Our Process

We have a demonstrated track record of outperformance across large and small cap Australian Equity mandates. Sigma has a number of important attributes in its investment decision making process that result in effective implementation of the investment process; 
  1. Investment team members are Portfolio Managers & Analysts so every member "can see the wood and the trees"
  2. Proponents of ideas or decisions need to convince all members of the team promoting Rigorous Peer Review
  3. As clients are focused on total portfolio outcomes, our team is aligned to this outcome through Collective Portfolio Responsibility
  4. Team Based Decision making from cohesive teams provides superior investment decisions.
Investment Process

Our Products

Sigma products are developed in alignment with our core principles to create portfolios that cater to a wide variety of investor groups. Our proprietary investment process produces high-conviction, less benchmark aware portfolios with excellent after-tax efficiency. Furthermore, our investment teams have their own capital invested in Sigma products, so we are aligned to client outcomes.
Our Products

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