Our Objective is to protect your capital while delivering above market returns

  • Rule #1: Protect the downside

    Value biased portfolios focused on avoiding value traps

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  • Rule #2 - Invest with Conviction

    Disciplined, probability based investing

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What We Do

Sigma Funds Management (Sigma) is focused on protecting your capital while delivering above market returns over the long term through investing in businesses with the following characteristics:
  • Operating within industry structures we understand; 
  • Having demonstrable franchise qualities; and 
  • Run by capable and aligned management teams
Sigma as a value manager avoids overpaying for future earnings streams by employing valuation discipline. Evaluating "risk" is the key issue for value managers who are focused on unloved and out of favour stocks. Therefore, our investment team has developed a proprietary investment process that clearly and systematically accounts for risk to minimise exposure to "value traps".

Who We Serve

We are a wholesale based equity fund manager whose clients are predominately Australian: 
  • Institutional investors such as large superannuation companies, industry funds, insurance offices, family offices; and
  • Financial advisory practices.
Our clients are looking for a manager that understands long-term investing and matching their clients’ time horizon with the investment’s optimal time horizon. We are a good fit for institutional fund managers and financial advisers managing assets for retirement, wealth succession and other long-term goals. While we primarily serve large-scale clients, we never lose sight of the individual investors whose financial futures are affected by the decisions we make.

What You Can Expect

Since our investment team and key executives are shareholders in the business and significant investors in our products, our clients can expect total alignment between their objectives and ours. We keep our clients’ interest at the centre of all we do, meaning our clients can expect first-class service. 

By the nature of our investment philosophy, Sigma's portfolios will not always rank at the top of the short-term performance tables but over the time horizons that are important to our clients, we expect to continue our track record of outperformance relative to the relevant Australian share market benchmarks over 5 year periods. 

Our consistent value style, benchmark insensitive and long term horizon ensures that within a diversified portfolio we are a good choice as a satellite fund manager to generate high excess returns above the benchmark and supply negative correlation to other Australian equity managers.


Sigma is owned by its executives (who make up the investment team) and Azimut, Italy's leading independent asset manager. 
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